Why I'm so bullish on RAD?

If you’re here and reading this post it means that you are interested in crypto market
So let me tell you about most bullish narrative of this market and the reason Im so interested in this project
Decentralized finance is still very early and is very small compared to centralized finance making a bridge between these two is the most bullish narrative of crypto market and thats what centrifuge is building besides that centrifuge is providing an easy way through blockchain technology for businesses to get liquidity and this liquidity is the base of all financial systems
This project has the best fundamentals ever been in crypto world
Dont sleep on it


Is it even possible not to be bullish on centrifuge???


Im sure this bullrun is not like previous one not every crypto is going to moon this time
People in market are far more educated than last time
Projects with solid fundamentals like centrifuge are going to explode in 2021 like what never seen before


Centrifuge is going to make a nuclear blast in this bullrun
Icant imagine under $1b market cap for it


Yeah, guys , I heard about Centriguge even before “Chico Crypto” mentioned it. After it’s listed it will be rocket to the moon, not looking back boys!!!
Let’s go!


We will still see the crypto noobs !!
We were all there once…
If one more person asks me about doge coin
I’m gona bang my head off the wall!!

I’m am hence forth referring them to centrifuge.io

Educate your selves about a real project not betting on meme coins!!


Crypto Chico is a great YouTuber for the crypto space he dose actual research!!
Excellent resource I heard about centrifuge there too


That’s correct, but you still have to be reserved and not blindly trust anyone. Because today half of people in crypto are on twitter known as crypto guru, and they all say everyone does research. Ypu still gotta be careful


100% agreed
Guys if your looking for some good real crypto youtbuers that do real research

Crypto Chico
Ellio trades
coin bureau

To name a few any one else have some good info sources post em up here!! Crypto is a huge emerging market and with all the FUD market manipulation
Phyco logical war fare in the media we all need good info sources!!

Unfortunately there are so many scammers on YouTube with regards to crypto these guys are being blocked unless you specifically search for them

  • we educate our selves as a community and pass the good words along to help educate others !!

I am super bullish too.
What an amazing proyect.


Stars are aligned for cryptos this year but for some of them even the moon is in sight
Dont forget to fasten the belts
Happy profits


anything is open to a moon shot in crypto during alt coin season !!

We need rad tokens to get in there !!