Video I made on Centrifuge

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The video is pretty accurate and well done! Contains all relevant info.

But Centrifuge is Berlin-based… :grinning:

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thank you for your input. I don’t know how I made that mistake. Good catch, probably because of my love of Ocean Protocol.

thank you for that catch

Ocean is Berlin too :smiley:

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ha you are correct. sorry I have no idea what’s going on with my head. I have San Francisco stuck in my mind

Berlin is THE hub for Blockchain! :wink:

it is for sure. I am have no idea why San Francisco keeps coming out of my mouth. I live a lot closer to Berlin myself. Happy for Berlin.

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Hey Dooby. I’m here because of your videos. Full circle!

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I am so happy. I really appreciate you taking the time. Now let’s make some RADS!

Berlin rocks! :rocket:


Hey thanks Dooby for the information.Now I know a little bit more about Centrifuge.Really appreciate it man.

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