[Validator Introduction] Qubitvision

Hi Team,

My name is Satya Naveen Vysetty and I currently work full time as a technical architect on a NewYork based MNC and exploring options around finance space, particularly around blockchain-based solutions. We are four people elite developer group managing the pool’s infrastructure, we support both Bare Metal servers and cloud infrastructure. we have been working on validator pools starting 2019. we are an early adopter of Blockchain space and implemented numerous POCs around Ethereum, EOS, and Hyper Ledger for multiple enterprises.

Our PoS history started with Cardano ITN and expanded our interest to other POS-based solutions, particularly into the Polkadot ecosystem.


  • Cardano and Cardano ITN
  • Darwinia ( Crab- canary Network)


  • Kusama
  • Centrifuge Amber
  • Phala
  • Acala Mandala (in progress)

I believe in Centrifuge and it’s potential growth in financial space. Right now my node is on a waiting list from the past couple fo weeks. Please show some love by sharing your support to push my node to the active pool. Once we accumulate enough we will set on-chain identity so that it will be easily recognizable for nominators

Contact Me:
Email : qubtivision@protonmail.com
Telegram : @qubitvision
Riot : @vsatyanaveen:matrix.org

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Nice to meet you Satya! Thanks for the introduction :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Dedi! please support my node. I like to see my node mending blocks on an active pool. :grinning: