Tinlake Pool Index

This is an index of assets in Centrifuge Tinlake and where to find information on Asset Originators, their past pools, and MIP6 Application status.

Last updated 20.11.2020

Asset Pool Summary Asset Type MIP Proposal
ConsolFreight Series 2, Series 4 Short-Term Freight Forwarding Invoices CF-DROP
Harbor Trade Credit Series 1 Coming Soon Trade Receivables HTC-DROP
Kickfurther Series 1 Coming Soon Inventory Finance β€”
New Silver Series 2 Real Estate β€”

What’s the latest with the Paperchain pool? I still hold tokens. Is it possible to track this investment?

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Hi @pg1989 I replied on your comment on the Paperchain Series 2 thread. You are still able to track your investment via https://v2.tinlake.centrifuge.io/pool/0x23e11b3f2cd3d73f68a4a3af436e2ed3459d0260/paperchain-2

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Thanks Lea :slight_smile: