Tinlake Investments minimums

I wish we could invest as little as we like… 10 k minimum is a little overwhelming.
After all, we are sending Dai


I think once the main net is live it will be possible to invest smaller investments of Dai. I would like to know if anyone could answer this though. I imagine the average investor probably does have a hard time with this kind of quantity.

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Also because of Ethereum bull run. If u love Eth then you wont be liking Dia

The mainnet went live in May 2020. If I understood the team correctly in the last community call, it is planned in the long term to lower the entry barrier for initial investments into the pools.


thanks for that update. Sorry I don’t know why I thought the main net wasn’t live. Must have been mixing up my projects. I guess I was thinking about a parachain launch Kusama or Polkadot as the launch.

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Yeah minimums have nothing to do with mainnet, more up to the asset originators that spin the pools. As the Tinlake dapp upgrades and onboarding becomes easier, I’m sure we’ll see smaller minimums.


Thanks for that clarification Dedi. Do you think Centrifuge running on the parachain of Kusama or Polkadot will help speed this along? Do you see the Tinlake Dapps updated at the same time or before then?

@0xD1d0 : Just found this article about DAI and am a little shocked not knowing this, tbh. Would you be kind enough explaining your point of view (reg. ETH bullrun vs. DAI) in addition?

Thanks & kind regards

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I was just saying that if u feel that Eth will double in price in the next few months, then any Dai locked up in tinlake will naturally loose half its value compared to keeping yr money in Eth.

True, but on the other hand if ETH looses half of its value you are pretty lucky when you converted it into DAI before that. And in the pools you get interest plus the RAD tokens for the Radial rewards.

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i would convert to Dai to be part of this ecosystem at any cost. I really believe in Cent’s future