Running a centrifuge node on Avado i7

Hey guys soo I’ve been doing some research and it appears that you can indeed run a validator node for centrifuge on an Avado unit!!!
Mine is on the way can’t waite !!
Any one doing this now on an Avado? Anyone that can point me in the right direction so I can start researching how to do it or has a dev email I can ask would be greatly appreciated!

If any of you guys are intrested when I get my Avado unit I will post detailed instructions on how to do a centrifuge node on it …

Once I figure out how to do it :rofl::joy:

It’s the future of mining :rocket::rocket:


@CryptoCap : I’ve been looking into running a validator for Centri, but with only 15 slots and all, you’d need a huge amount of RAD/capital. Otherwise you’ll never be selected, right?
So how do you think that can be profitable?

Kind regards

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How much RAD do you need?

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when I wrote to the Avado team about a month ago they told me it was not available. Did they change that? I was thinking of doing the same thing.

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I read
It last night not sure I’m gona research it more him when I get my unit in rad tokens I don’t think are released yet

But Avado is l believe has App Store as well as programmable to upload custom nodes I think

Again I don’t have my unit in hand yet

  • if you want a strong decent network you need lots of nodes
    Phase 1 Small at the beginning to test your block chain and make sure it’s secure
    Phase 2 roll out live but need more nodes validators stakers ect
    Phase 3 need lots of validators to make it truly global and secure!

Smaller the amount of nodes/ validators higher risk of some one manipulating the chain regardless of amount of coins staked if u rob the piggy bank and get away with it that’s game over!!

Nobody wants that!!

They will need lots of validators and nodes the bigger rad gets!!
That’s why we’re building this community

And we’re all here Early to help out


cool. let me know if you hear from the team at Avado about running a Centrifuge node. I want one asap if it’s possible.

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As soon as I have it in hand I’ll prob do a few set up videos after I figure out how to use it :joy::grin:


I got an email from Avado. They have no dapp yet for Centrifuge but add a new dapp every month. They like to get shilled new project for the building of dapps.

I’m going post this as a new topic to get more views

Cool, that’d be ace :blush:

Coool thxs hopefully they have one by the time it gets here lol I think it’s still a month or 2 out for me can’t waite

I’m sure they vetting projects that go on there App Store

I think u can still do a custom one tho there App Store just makes it easy


Another conversation I had regarding running a node

Not sure I’ll be able to get an Avado in the UK anytime soon :slightly_frowning_face: