Potential Price of RAD Tokens in Future

  1. What is a RAD token?

The RAD Token powers Centrifuge, providing the framework needed to run the
platform without reliance on a single point of failure, including the Centrifuge team or
company, and to accelerate its utility. To accomplish this, Centrifuge leverages the
cryptoeconomic primitives of a native token called Radial (RAD), a Nominated-Proof-of-Stake
consensus algorithm that employs Radial to stake value, rewards for Centrifuge adoption, and
an on-chain governance mechanism that empowers Radial holders to guide the development
of Centrifuge.

  1. Tokonomics of RAD?

Minting Mechanisms

The token supply of RAD will increase in the short term as it is minted in order to pay for chain
security, as well as to reward Centrifuge adoption. The current yearly mint rate of the token to
reward and incentivize chain security through native Validators and Nominators is 3% of the
current token supply. Additionally, tokens are minted in order to reward participation in Tinlake
pools by both Asset Originators and Investors. Governance will re-evaluate these reward rates
on a regular basis, adjusting the mint rate down as the inherent utility of the network becomes
sufficient to draw in users.

Burning Mechanisms
A portion of the transaction fees will be allocated to an on-chain Treasury in control of RAD
token holders. This Treasury may choose between using the tokens to fund development of the network or burning the tokens. As network growth slows in the long-term, this burning
mechanism will eventually serve to balance the total supply of the token over time, and allow
token holders to control inflation of the value of the token.


Foundation - 48.8%
Team and Investors - 48.8
The initial Radial Token Generation Event was executed by the Centrifuge Network
Foundation. The initial distribution created 400,000,000 RAD, which was distributed to the
Foundation and initial contributors, including; the core team, investors, and validators. Since
genesis, 15.95 million additional tokens have been minted as rewards for adoption

  1. Radial Utility

Radial is more than a traditional network token. Because basic functionality is delegated to
Polkadot, the RAD token can be used for Centrifuge-specific utility. RAD functions differently,
and is used for both standard network functions such as chain security and transaction fees - as
well as unique utility including on-chain governance, a money market, and credit insurance.
Users have incentives to participate in the network through Radial token rewards. As a result,
the users of Centrifuge are directly empowered to operate, control, and gain value from the
Money Market for Investors - future utility
Centrifuge Chain will provide a mechanism for Tinlake pools to obtain liquidity through a
native, on-chain money market. The RAD token functions as the gatekeeper for assets to this
money market as well as empowering its holders with governance to set risk parameters for
different DROP tokens. This functionality is still in the development phase.
Downside Protection to Investors - future utility
Investors in the Tinlake pools will be able to access on-chain insurance paying fees to an
insurance DAO. This insurance DAO has RAD staked by members that serves as a downside
protection. This protects Tinlake pool assets and further minimizes trust within the system
allowing the risk of one asset class to be hedged against the pooled risk of all assets.
RAD holders participate in governance through on-chain voting. Token holders have the ability
to make decisions to upgrade the chain, including to add new functionality, or amend the fee
structure. This includes control over how the chain implements the Tinlake functionality such as
risk models, liquidity provision, and reputation for participating entities. RAD holders can also
vote to distribute funds through grants for new features or as protocol rewards.
Transaction Fees
Transaction fees are paid in RAD by users for: anchors, NFT minting, Tinlake financing
transactions, and many more functionalities to come. A percentage of transaction fees will go
to an on-chain Treasury controlled by RAD holders, and the remainder will be distributed to
collator nodes. The Treasury automatically burns any surplus not used for on chain grants and
other expenses (such as the parachain slot) on a regular basis.

Considering the above points,one can surely say that the deflationary nature of the token after some adoption will create a huge demand for the rads and to add to the tech developed by the team the usecase of TIN and DROP are going to revolutionarise the space and will create a real value to the system giving rise to huge demand for rad tokens.
One can say one day after instituions realise the importance of centrifuge and RAD,It will definately be the top 10 coin by market cap by 2022.
Considering this we can say that each token can be of min. 115$ - 200$ .
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Cheers.RAD to the moon.


Thank you for this interesting post! But realistically, if RAD were to reach DOT current market cap, RAD would be equal to USD45. This would already be a very big accomplishment.


Thanks for the amazing post. This is an amazing breakdown. All these factors combine to make a highly successful project. There is no doubt this is going to be a top tier project. The utility itself has real world use cases. This is exactly what the financial world needs. Glad I found this project this early! I will definitely recommend this project to friends and family who are just getting into crypto. Thanks again for this post!


Thats right…but considering the rise of the whole crypto market as whole…the worst case for the highest market cap for whole crypto space is expected to be around 8 Trillon dollars.And with that valuation in mind…and RAD’s great use case in real world…we can expect RAD in top 10 market cap of this whole 8 Trillion dollars market.In that case the market cap would be very high.

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The main thing what i personally like is the real world use case of the project…unlike other projects who just give hopium and no product…so RAD will go to moon…

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Excellent post! So many excellent reasons why we can hope for a high rad price in the future. All we can do now is speculate but with the solid use case and expanding team hopefully we are all in for a hell of a ride!


I agree that we can reach USD 8T. But I wouldn’t call it “worst cave”. All things equal, that would BTC = USD 250K. Even though, BTC market cap dominance should decrease in 2021. But still, I would be happy with a 8x from here.
Regarding RAD, we should never lose sight of the time it takes for a project to grow and to be adopted. But here again I agree. This project should be in the top 10 this cycle or at least in the top 20.

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agreed…but if you see the market cap of crypto in each bull cycle top…it is simple to understand that next cycle the top market cap of crypto is around 8 - 10 T…but lets see overall the future of RAD is bright.

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