Lifecyle of Tinlake pool

Would be nice to have a general lifecycle diagram of a Tinlake pool and also one real example with a previous pool.

Real example should clarify basic questions:
How long was the investemnt in the pool
How much money was made/lost based on a choosen risk (e.G 20% Tin / 80% Drop)

Thank you for your help.

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Would also be interesting to see how much RAD was given to the investor (10k DAI original investment) and in what stage of the process this was given.

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You can look at the performance of the live pools on but the data is a bit hard to get, you are right. Here’s what I can share though in a few general stats:

Asset origionators collectively originated DAI 2.5M to date. This was for a total of > 120 loans and there were no recorded defaults. You can find the yield and maturity dates of assets in the respective asset originator details such as this one: