Community Call - January 21 - Claiming Radial Rewards

Community Call #7: Claiming Radial Rewards

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Hosted by: Cassidy Daly and Philip Stanislaus

The Radial Rewards function is coming next week!
If you have invested in a Tinlake pool, or want to invest in the future, this call will help you understand how you can receive your rewards through our new UI.

This new page will include:

  • Total Radial rewards earned
  • Rewards earned today
  • Your current Dai investment value
  • Your daily Radial rewards
  • Your total Radial rewards
  • A way to claim your earned RAD on Centrifuge Chain

We are also announcing the winner of 1754 Factory’s contest that can be found here: Contest: Using Tinlake to manage / leverage your Crypto Positions
Winner receives 2000 Radial!

Date: Thursday, January 21st 7:30 PM CET / 1:30PM ET


  • Demo of the new Radial Rewards page
  • AMA
  • Radial wallet setup
  • Announce the winner of the 1754 Factory contest

Ok done , can’t wait to hear all about it


Done! But do we need to install ZOOM on our laptop to attend? Isn’t there any other way?


Great! I signed up :partying_face:


As far as I recall, you can join via Zoom Web Session too. No need for installing the Zoom app :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will try to do so :slight_smile:


Signed up. Your posts are so helpful in allowing me to get the most from this great community! I shall try and make it for Zoom but being in Australia makes it 4am for me.


Excited about the AMA ! Is it on their Telegram?

great news daly we are waiting

No, everything will be on zoom- will be able to ask questions in the zoom chat

oof… sure is hard to find the right time for everyone in the world :sweat_smile:

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