Buying the tokens

Please guide me on how can I go about owning the tokens. I am interested in all three tokens; RAD, TIN and DROP.
Please advise.


Hey @vahire,
So, you can earn RAD through our RAD rewards program, or becoming a validator for the network.

For TIN and DROP, you receive these tokens when you invest in one of the Tinlake pools. They will accrue interest over the term and then you exchange them for Dai when the pool you provided liquidity for is funded.

Hope this helps!


Would be nice to have a general lifecycle diagram of a Tinlake pool and also one real example with a previous pool. Out of a investor perspective I am still not 100% sure when I am able to get the money out and for how long I need to invest.


In addition to the discussion above, I would like to ask if and when it would be possible to buy RAD on the exchanges and outside RAD rewards programs how do you plan to give investors access to RAD?


Im too interested in buy Rada unfortunately i guess i don’t have the skills to be network validator. Will be in short time a chance?

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Hey @Stiu!
RAD is not on any exchanges now. As more RAD is released, the more likely this will happen naturally. As of now, The Radial Rewards program is the only way to receive RAD other than becoming a validator.

@Ari, nice to meet you! Your only option at the moment will be to invest in a Tinlake pool and receive RAD rewards through our rewards program. You can find active pools at


Hey, a bit late on the reply :slight_smile: but now with our revolving pool feature, investors can redeem during each epoch. Epoch lengths can vary between each pool, but a standard we are aiming for is around 24 hours.


I don’t understand well how it works , I never did, what I saw is , mining pool is group of people who unite they resources just for mining the crypto.when you invest part of that crypto is for you. Is that right? How much I have to invest for how long , how much is the risk and how much the regards. Need to understand all that, maybe is better for me just wait to exchanges.My invest was only around 1500$ do you have any tutorial? Need some guidance. Thx

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Hello Guys,

I desperately want to invest in your project but just can’t find any link or address to deposit my funds in any of your pools where I can obtain tinlake and other coins. I had written the below message to the Securities and informed below.

Please advise,
Thank You

Jeremy (Investor Support)

Nov 16, 2020, 18:51 MST

Hi Valmik,

Fundraising period and limit is decided by Centrifuge and not by us.
You will need to visit the Centrifuge site for more details.
Also, the deposit details are provided to investor directly from Centrifuge.

Kind regards,

\ 40x40 Valmik Ahire

Nov 16, 2020, 18:42 MST


Is there any scope left, any room for investment in any of the Centrifuge project?

If yes Please advise where and what address I can send USDT/USDC to?

Valmik Ahire

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Hey @vahire!
You can start by getting KYCed at
From the home page on the Centrifuge dashboard, you should be able to see all of the available pools to invest in.

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I want to invest in the project but the min. amount to invest in a pool of TIN is 10,000$.I would have been great if the team had some fund raised via lockeddrop.But the project is too good and RAD has the best future.Cheers

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Is the investment opportunity still open ?

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@mash88 yes , there are a few pools open

Ok I will take a look , still not very well verse how it works but I’ll ask if I’m not sure . Thanks

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You can find information and can get help on Discourse in the categories “Investors” and “Community FAQs”